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I’m listening to the Dirty Projectors’ new album, Rise Above. I say matter-of-factly that this album is the best thing they’ve ever put out. It’s not an any-mood record, nor is it remotely flawless – it’s too dubiously “conceptual” for that – but suddenly the Dirty Projectors seem to have a considered sound rather than […]


I changed my profile picture. This one’s more accurate. Enjoy. In deference to Doug, who knew straightaway that the pic I put up was substandard, I’m substituting in the infamous “Ryan as David Foster Wallace” pic. DFW, as seen on the back of Infinite Jest. It was a good day. I woke up in the […]


I’ve been just stupidly broke the last couple of days. But things are swell. Last week was an extremely effective week for Ryan M. I was completing projects right and left: I averaged a card a day, sent off a mix to Dina, sent off a resume to the worker’s co-op up in Anacortes that […]


Last night I saw the devil’s own show at the Silent Barn.

[wednesday] night in the kingdom of doom…


Anger displacement: music critics v. Tim Kinsella and Damon Albarn.


A new Elliott Smith record – that is, a new record of Elliott Smith sides – is shipping May 1st from KRS HQ. The tracks are mostly old news, b-sides and demos that’ve been floating around ad nauseum since the dawn of P2P, but there are several there I don’t recognize as well – “New […]


When do I write in this blog? When Kurt Vonnegut Jr., dies, that’s when. I suppose my experience with Vonnegut has been similar to many other curious, searching types’ experiences with him. For one, the man more or less taught me how to Read. He made me feel more certain of my own ideas and […]


I just discovered a couple of lists I’d made on a good long while ago, “Love early post-punk (as much as Amazon will allow you to” and “Various pop-rock gems – power-pop, twee, etc.“. I’m happy to say that now, about four years later, these lists hold up. My favorite of the descriptions is […]


Recently I ended up at this bizarre nexus where an Ian Svenonius one-off disc, my nascent fascination with late-60′s cult films (esp. those that rep specific “underground” cultures), Simon Reynolds, and the death of Arthur magazine all led me to the same exact book – an obscure (leastwise in America) 300+ pg. tome by Richard […]


Today I saw Children of Men, the latest film by Alfonso Cuarón, with my friend Carmiel. Cuarón’s directing was magnificent, but I’m still in deliberations about the story. The movie – and this is completely reducing it, of course – is a sort of magical-realist dystopian what-if, with all of the good and bad that […]