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I was reading the NYTimes Magazine a month or so ago and came across this interesting article. The article addresses a ton of stuff, from the dubiousness of any preprocessed product making health claims to the adverse effects caused by meat industry lobbyists in 1977, but the sentiment that most stuck with me is – […]


I caved and bought a George Foreman grill today, in part because I like George Foreman. He just seems so excited about the whole thing. This model, the “Family Size in Grilling Colors”, has a “bun warmer” atop it. Even though it’s significantly larger than the “Champ” model is and only $7 more, I still […]


Today I saw Children of Men, the latest film by Alfonso Cuarón, with my friend Carmiel. Cuarón’s directing was magnificent, but I’m still in deliberations about the story. The movie – and this is completely reducing it, of course – is a sort of magical-realist dystopian what-if, with all of the good and bad that […]