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Poetic injustice, seems like


Sudden Hearing Loss strikes… suddenly. And if I were a bad person, the aural pain my guitar presently causes me would be a superb example of poetic justice. And hey, I’m actually getting a refund this year. Sweet.

Talking book(s)


Feeling pretty rusty at this blogging thing, boo-hoo. Here are some author interview archives.

Consider the audiobook


On writers performing their own audiobooks.

On the passing of J. D. Salinger.


Salinger was a big deal to me. Franny and Zooey may’ve saved my life once or twice, certainly influenced the way I wrote and what I wrote about for a long while. It occurs to me that my only published work even features a character summarizing the plot of “Teddy” at one point. I’ve thought […]


I changed my profile picture. This one’s more accurate. Enjoy. In deference to Doug, who knew straightaway that the pic I put up was substandard, I’m substituting in the infamous “Ryan as David Foster Wallace” pic. DFW, as seen on the back of Infinite Jest. It was a good day. I woke up in the […]


When do I write in this blog? When Kurt Vonnegut Jr., dies, that’s when. I suppose my experience with Vonnegut has been similar to many other curious, searching types’ experiences with him. For one, the man more or less taught me how to Read. He made me feel more certain of my own ideas and […]