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On the passing of J. D. Salinger.

Salinger was a big deal to me. Franny and Zooey may’ve saved my life once or twice, certainly influenced the way I wrote and what I wrote about for a long while. It occurs to me that my only published work even features a character summarizing the plot of “Teddy” at one point. I’ve thought about his stories a lot, is what I’m saying. He was an incredible short story writer, really something else.

Salinger stopped publishing stories about 18 years before I was born. That always rubbed me the wrong way, but I can’t argue with it – it’s a strange life, these things happen. Like anyone else, I’m tongue-tied, having not the slightest clue what the man believed in, what he hoped for, what his life meant when he was at home. But 91 strikes me as a good old age. So goodbye to you, Mr. Salinger. You were one of the best.

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