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Monthly Archives: June 2007


So long, New York City! Hello, reality! At least, that’s what it feels like. You know what happened when I went to Iowa City earlier today to drop off Alena and eat at Z’Mariks and look at trees? I felt so overwhelmed and grateful I almost cried. It was so warm and there were so […]


I carried four 30-40 pound boxes a total of 14 blocks today; my arms, as you can imagine, are rigid with pain. But then, I suppose that’s moving. I’m going to have to deliver at least two more similarly-loaded boxes a total of four blocks tomorrow. Then comes loading the car, treating my benefactors (Alex […]


Anacortes totally won. I move to the Department of Safety in August. (I’m moving in with Lisa next year, though.) Exciting? Yes. I’ll reprint the details from my other journal later. Ryan xoxo