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Monthly Archives: April 2007


Last night I saw the devil’s own show at the Silent Barn.

[wednesday] night in the kingdom of doom…


Anger displacement: music critics v. Tim Kinsella and Damon Albarn.


I can’t remember if I complained about taxes in here. If not, I’m complaining now. After writing two checks totalling $611.48, I still owe the government $1416.74. Where’m I gonna get $1416.74? This self-employment stuff is for the birds. It’s like normal work only you have to be “responsible” and keep “records” of your “business […]


A new Elliott Smith record – that is, a new record of Elliott Smith sides – is shipping May 1st from KRS HQ. The tracks are mostly old news, b-sides and demos that’ve been floating around ad nauseum since the dawn of P2P, but there are several there I don’t recognize as well – “New […]


When do I write in this blog? When Kurt Vonnegut Jr., dies, that’s when. I suppose my experience with Vonnegut has been similar to many other curious, searching types’ experiences with him. For one, the man more or less taught me how to Read. He made me feel more certain of my own ideas and […]


I was reading the NYTimes Magazine a month or so ago and came across this interesting article. The article addresses a ton of stuff, from the dubiousness of any preprocessed product making health claims to the adverse effects caused by meat industry lobbyists in 1977, but the sentiment that most stuck with me is – […]